Erosion Project

Erosion Project
Current status (8/19/2020)
OPWC has awarded a grant totaling 36% of the project total to the efforts.  There needs to be a cooperative agreement in place between the Village of GOTL, Geneva Township and the Geneva Township Park Commission in order to receive these funds.  Legal opinions and agreements are being drafted now and hope to have signatures no later than Monday, Aug 24th.
Boring tests took place Wednesday, August 19th to determine groundwater saturation/other issues that might cause issue with the project but so far the tests look good and that groundwater will play a minimal risk in the project.
Tentative Project Plan:
As set forth in the Village application for OPWC Critical Infrastructure grant, the projected costs of the project are as follows:
Phase I: repair and protect infrastructure 150 feet West End Park $266,100.00
Phase II: repair and protect shoreline/infrastructure 450 feet East End $798,300.00
Phase III: Repair/replace six outfalls $180,000.00
Total projected costs $1,244,400.00
The Geneva Twp Park has received the $990,000 note proceeds from Andover Bank –  the loan has been approved and fulfilled and these monies will be used to match for the OWPC grant money.   
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